Conditions for membership in the International Union of Media Persons:

Article (1):

All journalists and media persons, or those who hold a scientific degree or a certificate

of training in media and journalism, have the right to become a member.

Article (2):

All press unions, media unions, and non-union press and media organizations that adhere

to the principles of freedom of the press and the traditions of the profession have the

right to become a member.

Article (3):

In order to acquire membership in the union, an application is required to be submitted

to the general secretariat of the union expressing a desire to acquire membership in the

union, according to which the party wishing to join decides its commitment to the union’s

system and its implementing regulations and pledges to perform all the obligations

stipulated therein, including the member’s subscription.

Article (4):

The General Administration of the Union issues a decision to accept the new member


based on the proposal of the Executive Council. The member exercises the duties ofmembership immediately upon the issuance of this decision. In the ev ent that the

member fails to participate in membership, the General Administration may, in its next

sessions, reconsider membership.

Article (5):

All members of the Union have equal rights, duties and freedom of expression.

Article (6):

If one of the members performs actions harmful to the union or does not perform

the obligations stipulated by the union’s system or its implementing regulations.

The President of the Federation issues a warning to stop working and return to

performing his obligations. And the Union shall present its matter to the Executive

Council, which shall freeze its membership. If the member does not fulfill his obligations

after freezing his membership, the matter of canceling his membership shall be presented

to the General Administration in its next session.

Article (7):

The public administration may accept, as an observer, the member who does not meet

one or more of the membership conditions in the federation, or members who request

the membership of an observer, based on a recommendation from the Executive Council.