1. Developing the press & media sector to enhance the role of the media in the democratic building phase.
  2. Ensuring the freedom of the press & the media in carrying out their mission to build a conscious media whose weapon is truth.
  3. Continuous training and qualification, and guiding them to the ethics of the profession for the development of media persons and journalists.
  4. Finding job opportunities for non-working media persons in line with their skills.
  5. Protection of professional rights of journalists and media persons, &provision of cultural & social services.
  6. Holding conferences, seminars & workshops to advance the profession & education of journalism.
  7. Resolving disputes that occur between journalists, media persons, and Press organizations.
  8. Promoting the free flow of information and open dialogue between journalists &media persons on various issues.
  9. Defending journalists & media persons in case they are subjected to any abuse related to their opinions and journalistic activities.
  10. Working to observe the commitment to professional traditions & the principles of practicing journalistic and media work.
  11. Strengthening relations & developing cooperation with all press and media unions and similar international organizations in all countries of the world.
  12. Strengthening relations & cooperation between journalists & media persons in all countries of the world.